shell.vim - Screenshots of the full-screen mode on Windows XP

To show the functionality of my shell.vim plug-in for the Vim text editor I’ve made three screenshots: The first is a normal Vim install, the second a minimal GUI and the third shows the effect which can be achieved using my plug-in.

Here’s a screenshot of Vim on a Windows XP virtual machine:

Default Gvim window

Because I don’t use the menu or toolbar and rarely need the scrollbar I always turn them of using the following Vim command in my ~/.vimrc script: :set go-=m go-=T go-=r. This makes Vim look like this:

Minimal Gvim window

When I use my shell.vim plug-in by executing :call xolox#shell#fullscreen() Vim looks like this:

Full-screen Gvim window

PS. In case you were wondering, the font in the screenshots is Consolas and the color scheme is xoria256.

Last updated Sat Apr 30 04:04:47 UTC 2011.