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I’ve been using Lua for several years now and in that time it has become my favorite programming language. Below are my Lua programming projects. There is also some miscellaneous Lua code by me on the lua-users wiki.

luainspect.vim - Semantic highlighting for Lua in Vim

Using the LuaInspect tool this plug-in performs (automatic) semantic highlighting of variables in Lua source code.

lua.vim - Lua file type plug-in for the Vim text editor

This Lua file type plug-in for Vim makes it easier to work with Lua source code in Vim by providing features like a smart go to file mapping, automatic syntax checking, smart completion, help file searching, text objects, etc.

Lua/APR - Apache Portable Runtime binding for Lua

A binding to the Apache Portable Runtime for Lua which aims to bring an extended standard library to Lua that supports both Windows and POSIX systems.

LXSH - Lexing & Syntax Highlighting in Lua

A collection of lexers and highlighters written in Lua using the excellent pattern-matching library LPeg. The highlighters generate HTML designed to be easily embedded in web pages. Two programming languages are currently supported, these are Lua and C. The highlighters support three color schemes.

Lua build bot - A build bot for popular Lua projects

Lots of Lua projects (including Lua itself and LuaJIT) only release source code archives and expect users to build the project. On UNIX this is not really a problem but on Windows this can pose a significant hurdle for potential users. My Lua build bot is an attempt to solve this problem.