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Ever since I started programming I’ve been fascinated with syntax highlighting, lexing and parsing. Below you can find my work in this area.

easytags.vim - Automated tag generation and syntax highlighting in Vim

This plug-in runs Exuberant Ctags in the background to keep a global tags file up to date without user intervention. It also uses this tags file to perform dynamic syntax highlighting of user-defined functions and other identifiers.

notes.vim - Easy note taking in Vim

The notes.vim plug-in makes it easy to manage your notes in Vim by providing several (automatic) commands and an advanced syntax mode. Also included is a Python script that uses an SQLite full text index to accelerate keyword searching in hundreds of notes.

luainspect.vim - Semantic highlighting for Lua in Vim

Using the LuaInspect tool this plug-in performs (automatic) semantic highlighting of variables in Lua source code.

LXSH - Lexing & Syntax Highlighting in Lua

A collection of lexers and highlighters written in Lua using the excellent pattern-matching library LPeg. The highlighters generate HTML designed to be easily embedded in web pages. Two programming languages are currently supported, these are Lua and C. The highlighters support three color schemes.

colorscheme-switcher.vim - Color scheme switcher for Vim

Makes it easy to quickly switch between colorschemes in Vim

publish.vim - Publish hyperlinked, syntax highlighted source code with Vim

Vim’s runtime includes the script syntax/2html.vim which can be used to convert Vim’s syntax highlighting to HTML that, when viewed in a web browser, should look exactly the same. This plug-in enables you to run the 2html.vim script in batch-mode, to publish a whole tree of source code at once. It will also use tags files created by Exuberant Ctags to convert tags to hyper links, producing a tree of interlinked HTML documents. I’ve published the sources of all the plug-ins on this page as an example of the output produced.

vim-tlv-mode - Transaction-Level Verilog support for Vim

The vim-tlv-mode plug-in adds support for Transaction-Level Verilog (TLV for short) to the Vim text editor. The plug-in is intended to provide everything needed to efficiently develop TLV code in Vim: