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After programming for a few years I started to realize how great it would be to be able to drop down to the level of C, the language in which all my favorite programming languages were implemented. It took some years before I started to master the language, but having written the Lua/APR binding I now feel fairly competent in C.

shell.vim - Improved integration between Vim and its environment

This plug-in aims to improve the integration between Vim and its environment by providing functions to switch to full-screen (see the screenshots), open URLs in the user’s default web browser and execute external commands in the background without opening a command prompt window. The shell.dll library exists to perform these things on Windows, while on UNIX external commands are used.

Lua/APR - Apache Portable Runtime binding for Lua

A binding to the Apache Portable Runtime for Lua which aims to bring an extended standard library to Lua that supports both Windows and POSIX systems.

DedupFS - A deduplicating FUSE file system written in Python

Compressing, deduplicating file system implemented in Python on top of FUSE. Comes with a basic LZO binding because I couldn’t find any for Python.