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In recent years I’ve learned to take a more pragmatic route but of course I haven’t given up my quest for the perfect programming language. Python comes pretty close in some aspects.

easytags.vim - Automated tag generation and syntax highlighting in Vim

This plug-in runs Exuberant Ctags in the background to keep a global tags file up to date without user intervention. It also uses this tags file to perform dynamic syntax highlighting of user-defined functions and other identifiers.

notes.vim - Easy note taking in Vim

The notes.vim plug-in makes it easy to manage your notes in Vim by providing several (automatic) commands and an advanced syntax mode. Also included is a Python script that uses an SQLite full text index to accelerate keyword searching in hundreds of notes.

pip-accel - pip-accel: Accelerator for pip, the Python package manager

Accelerator for pip, the Python package manager

DedupFS - A deduplicating FUSE file system written in Python

Compressing, deduplicating file system implemented in Python on top of FUSE. Comes with a basic LZO binding because I couldn’t find any for Python.

pyref.vim - Context-sensitive documentation for Python source code in Vim

This plug-in maps <F1> in Python files to search through the Python language reference and library reference documentation for the keyword or identifier at the current cursor position and open the first match in your web browser. When no GUI is available a command-line web browser like lynx or w3m will be used, otherwise the plug-in prefers a graphical web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can also use a local copy of the Python documentation (very handy when traveling without a reliable internet connection).

vim-tools - Python scripts to publish Vim plug-ins

Python scripts that make it easier for me to publish my Vim plug-ins (a Markdown to Vim help file converter and a ZIP package generator)

sync-dotfiles - Quickly push your dotfiles from your workstation to your servers

A simply Python script to push your dotfiles from your workstation to your servers.

python.vim - Vim file type plug-in for the Python programming language

Supports syntax based folding and automatic syntax checking using pyflakes.

mpd-myfm - Your own personalized radio station: mpd-myfm

A Music Player Daemon client that automatically fills your play list with tracks from similar artists based on data provided by